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Brian M Calvert


Brian is a former molecular biologist turned writer, comedian and actor. The bulk of this earlier work appeared as collaborations with on-line sketch comedy groups ChurchofJerks.com and VILLAGEiDiOT.ca, both of which he helped create. In total, he has acted, produced, directed, edited or written over 55 short films. Additionally,Brian wrote, produced and acted for 5 multimedia (live & video) shows. Teaming up with illustrator James Hearne, he created "All-Star Baby”. This single page cartoon/caption was published in Mompreneur Magazine for over 2 years. Vancouver's NOVUS TV gave Brian a glistening white canvas to create, write and host the "2010-101" series where he interviewed Olympic athletes and showcased Vancouver2010 venues. He spent the better part of 2011 writing, acting and producing Canada’s only comedic lifestyle show, the "GOtoGAL" which aired to over 3.3 million nationwide. Brian has also appeared in several other TV series (Psych, Hiccups, Supernatural, Fairly Legal) and over a dozen commercials. Currently, Brian is the face of the satirical Canada Party and co-author of America, but Better: the Canada Party Manifesto.

Brian's favorite things are making fun of birds and throwing balls at stuff.