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The Canada        Party

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The Canada Party was founded in 2012 for the purpose of running a candidate for the office of President of the United States of America. That candidate, was Canada. All of it.

As strong proponents of political transparency, The Canada Party quickly published its manifesto, America, But Better. 


The growing American-on-American cannibalism forced Canada to enter the race again in 2016. And we all know how that turned out. 

Today, as America sits frighteningly divided, Canada must, once again, enter the race. In the hopes that together, #CanadaforPresident can Make America Good Again. MAGOOA, for short. 

CLICK to The Canada Party Playlist

(20 more videos)

"The authors use humor to map the glaringly wide — and ever expanding — divide between American Democrats and Republicans, and when the duo strike a soft spot, such as America's overestimation of its cultural and global importance, their bite is on par with that of the Daily Show, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher."

                                                                                                   - Publishers Weekly

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The Vault

Dozens of video shorts, many of which working with sketch comedy groups and VILLAGEiDiOTS were made over the last several years. These are a couple of my favourites.

the ACTOR guy


Ally Copeland

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Pamela Wise



Premiere Talent Management

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